Safe Seed Stamp Plate Details

Safe Seed has a wide range of products to secure your crypto seed phrases like stamp kits, engraving kits, and metal stamp plates. We have a variety of metals like Copper, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Molybdenum. We also have precious metals like Silver and Gold plates you can stamp your seed words into for safe keeping. Each metal has its own characteristics so you can pick what suites you best. Copper has a melting point just under 2000°F which is easier to stamp, but has a lower melting point compared to other metals. Stainless Steel has a melting point of 2550°F which is a little higher than copper but also a little harder to stamp/engrave. Titanium is one of the strongest metals and has a melting point of 3000°F, it has similar stamping/engraving characteristics of the Stainless Steel plate. For the ultimate seed phrase storage we are the only ones to offer the Molybdenum stamp plate, it has a staggering 4750°F melting point. The Molybdenum plate is the hardest to stamp but is by far the safest. It is recommended to use a bench block for Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Molybdenum stamp plates.  A 3lb or 5lb steel mallet and a very hard surface to stamp on helps a lot when stamping the plates. Depending on your setup you can decide if you want to stamp or engrave. Stamping is safer since you get the deep impression into the metal, but engraving is a lot easier and faster. Check out the diagram and make the choice that you like best!